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Founded in 2012, COPIA is a global communication, brand representation and strategy firm working with brands in lifestyle, hospitality, entertainment, fashion, art, design, and health & beauty and luxury.

With representation in Dubai, Toronto, LA and a network of partners across the world, we work to develop long-term consumer and corporate communication strategies where brand positioning, creative sensibility, influencer networks, and brand integrity are at the core.

Our strategies represent all the key elements and capture the essence of a brand whilst bearing in mind a global positioning with local market trends and sensitivities. We work on comprehensive communication campaigns and plans that penetrate the target market and create top of mind positioning for our clients.

Our collective experience across various industries has built out credibility and results driven approach, and through our local, regional and international networks, along with an innate understanding of communication and consumer trends we are capable of introducing, connecting and positioning brands on an international scale.



With over 12 years of experience within the communication industry, Rania started her career in lifestyle publishing, quickly rising to editor, prior to making a move into the world of PR and events. Over the years, Rania has specialized in luxury consumer goods, corporate, hospitality, travel, art and design, CSR and fashion PR, having worked with a string of high- profile international and regional brands as well as celebrities, on their positioning, image, launches and overall communication role out. Rania’s innate understanding of communication and strategy along with her trendsetting approach, has managed to gain her clients leading positioning, and establishing her as a noted authority on lifestyle PR and publicity in the UAE.


Educated in Sweden and the UK, with a degree in Politics & International Relations with Economics, Rania has always been active within philanthropy and charity fundraising. Starting at the mere age of 15 she founded the first youth chapter of Save the Children in her hometown in Sweden. Since her time in Dubai she has launched and supported various charity campaigns to raise funds and awareness. Currently, Rania is a board member of the Sunrise K’ Foundation.