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Zadig & Voltaire is the Parisian fashion house that is a byword for modern couture, aiming for exclusive and trendsetting fashion, creating a young and free style that is in perpetual movement, open to the world and actively part of it.  The collections are based on wardrobe essentials with a modern twist, up-to-the-minute trends, a definitively Zadig stance, with bold accessories defining the look

Founder and visionary, Thierry Gillier, campaigns for superposition, a tee- shirt, plus a vest, plus a military jacket, everything is easy life, comfortable to wear like the first cashmeres of the house, large ribbed collar and close sleeves that stop at the first phalange. A best-seller, for comfort and an ultra-flattering attitude that accents the waist and enshrines the knit like a separate piece of clothing whose cut finally comes into play.