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Client: Sofia Al Asfoor

Founded by Sofia Al Asfoor, the luxury leather accessories brand represents the journey Sofia took in developing it. For example, the signature Shield bag is a symbol of accomplishment and character, which differentiates itself by being bold and expressive. The brand is a reflection of Arabian Luxury at its finest.


Our initial focus was to introduce and position the brand as what we like to call “new generation of luxury” within the market. As part of our strategy, which includes: media relations, strategic partnerships, product loans and photo shoots, COPIA has given the brand and the woman behind it a strong introduction to the market. Relationships with top-tier influencers like The Real Fouz and Millie Mackintosh have been developed to strengthen local and international exposure. We have also worked on involving Sofia in interesting projects to further position her within the luxury sector. A key collaboration was between Piaget and Citizen K Arabia.

Since coming our board, not only has awareness for the brand increased, but allure for some of the pieces have resonated into sales.