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Client: KALIAN Branding

Date: Oct 2016 – Present

Founded by Khatch Mikaelian in 2009, KALIAN Branding is a homegrown design branding agency and consultancy with international expertise. It is focused on creating immaculate brands that help businesses stand out from the crowd in a very competitive market.


COPIA began working with KALIAN Branding in October 2016 to introduce the homegrown agency to the region with a focus on the correct positioning of KALIAN. As part of that we utilized the owners behind the brand, a brother and sister duo to showcase its homegrown approach and expertise. Working closely with the team, COPIA has increased awareness through an on-going communication plan which includes: media relations, strategic partnerships and events as a means to support their sales and marketing initiatives.

Today, KALIAN’s awareness has increased as well as the profile of the owners, who are the driving force behind the brand which is continuing to grow both within the UAE and internationally.