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Try Dubai’s Spiciest Wrap – the FIRE Roll at Roti Rollers

In honor of International Hot & Spicy Food Day, Roti Rollers has introduced Dubai’s Spiciest Wrap; the FIRE Roll.

If you enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling of your taste buds incinerated, then we’ve got just the challenge for you…

Forget mouth-watering, Roti Rollers new Fire Roll is downright mouth-numbing. Don’t be fooled by the pretty shades of pink and red in their made-from-scratch roti, take it as a warning sign that even the wrap has been infused with chillies.

Filled with chicken tikka, yellow peppers, red cabbage, onion, burnt chilli and fennel, combined with a special fire sauce and tikka masala. Oh and there is a wild mix of supremely spicy chillies, including the dreaded Naga Ghost Chilli, one of the hottest chillies in the world- so you know we weren’t kidding when we said FIRE Roll.

Not for the faint of heart, diners are required to sign a waiver before plunging into what can only be a sadistic step to chow down on some serious heartburn.

Finish the roll in under 30 minutes without quenching your thirst, and it’s free! Winners also receive a cool cap that says ‘Member of the Fire Club- now that’s some serious street cred and well-deserved bragging rights.

If you’re feeling insane brave, head on down to Roti Rollers… don’t say we didn’t warn you.

For those who rather go mild than wild, are vegetarian, or just a Star Wars fan, try the new Darth Vada- one of South Asia’s most popular street snacks made with global flavours in true Roti Rollers fashion. An inside out potato burger if you will, bite in warm pav bread that’s wrapped with potatoes, curry leaves, mustard seed, garlic, red chilli, coconut and coriander.

Fire Roll: AED 40
Darth Vada: AED 10
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