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Kizmet Dubai – not one to be underestimated

Kizmet may be the (relatively) new kid on the block but it’s not one to be underestimated.

The interior a major drawing point with its plush pink seats and eclectic arts, it is not, however, a restaurant with more style than substance.  The licensed restaurant offers up a menu of food we grew up with, stemming from a collective memory, whether from afar or nearby, resulting in something timeless.  Their menu includes dishes such as ‘A.M. for P.M.’ a breakfast for dinner staple that every household remembers fondly, to ‘My Girlfriends Not Hungry’, a plate of avocado fries with habanero mayo.

If that doesn’t have you salivating, then their sweet treats definitely will!  With dishes such as a Dulce De Leche Tropic consisting of a cheesecake, and fried apple pie with chai ice cream, to Milk & Cookies like you’ve never tried before!

With rave reviews tumbling in, make sure you get yourself down



Sat – Wed

Coffee: 9am

Kitchen: 12pm – 12am

Bar: 12pm – 1am


Thurs – Fri

Coffee: 9am

Kitchen: 12pm – 1am

Bar: 12pm – 2am


Dubai Opera, Unit 5, Plaza Level,

Dubai, UAE

04 33 88 717


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